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About us

About us

The Gesellschaft für Unternehmenslogistik mbH (GfU mbH), since 1987 situated in the "Park of Innovation & Technologies" in Hamburg, has its core competences in the fields of consulting, planning and training. Moreover we have expertise in designing, managing and controlling the processes of corporate logistics.

For more than twenty years the GfU mbH develops, in cooperation with its customers, solutions for processes ranging from strategic planning and rough-cut design through to the technical and organizational implementation.

Our sphere of activity includes, other than the classic corporate logistics, as well logistic orientated resp. cost orientated product development, Requirements Engineering and the management of methods in your company. Therefore, our work aims at the continuous improvement of logistical sequences in your business on the basis of the optimization of the flow of processes and the electronical visualization in innovative IT-tools. In addition to this, the GfUmbH offers seminars and workshops for further training to ensure you excellent career opportunities.

As a research partner of the "Scientific Association of Logistics" we focus on the transfer of scientific methods and tools from an abstract idea into best-practice solutions in the area of logistics. Interfirm cooperation is realized by working on business projects being directed to single customers as well as on publicly funded R&D projects. Furthermore, we initiate and complete projects, where different companies work on one combined task.


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