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The GfU mbH developed in cooperation with Scientific Association of Logistics and the department of technical logistics of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) several IT-tools to simplify the optimization of processes.

MEPORT – the Methodmanagement-System, that simplifies your work

For years the application of methods lags compared to method development. On the one hand, neither the existence nor the utilization of appropriate methods is known to an adequate extent. In addition to this it is almost impossible to learn and apply something new in the daily business routine. However, the application of methods is a good way to find a suitable solution for a problem rapidly. The GfU mbH developed in the field of "Methodmanagement" the Methodmanagement-Systems MEPORT Enterprise (Webapplication for companies), in order to support and encourage the application of methods in the daily business routine. MEPORT Enterprise is technologically based on and offers you the same functions. However, MEPORT Enterprise is going to be integrated as a webapplication in your intranet restricted to a certain user group and with consideration of all your system requirements.

Particular Services

•  homogeneous and reasonable presentation of your processes and methods
•  individual access and filter possibilities (i.e. catalogue or process-based)
•  different user profiles
•  integrated version management – the latest status is always available
•  content control due to an integrated review process, various possiblities for a configuration according to your wishes  

Applicability in the following areas

•  advanced training
•  human resources development 
•  administration
•  Research & Development 


INTRAS – a tool for transport optimization

Both, the requirements concerning transport and storage logistics and new technological possibilities ask for assured decisions of the logistics management. There are a lot of tools providing improved transparency of the transport process. But tools for optimizing these processes are rare. These planning instruments are essential for the fast comparison of alternatives and for the methodic backup of financial decisions. A good example is the INTRAS tool for integrated transport planning and control.


•  contemporary simulation-based disposition and control
•  transfer of the firm-specific transport model into a relational database
•  flexible adaption to structural changes
•  easy integrity in existing IT-Systems
•  modular structure

Applicability in the following areas

•  procurement logistics
•  distribution logistics
•  disposal logistics
•  city-logistics for diverse tasks of transport structure planning
•  transport process planning
•  analysis of flexible transport chains


TARCOS – estimate and analyze production costs

TARCOS is an IT-Tool that supports the product development process with a powerful, integrated product and process model. It is suitable for a variety of tasks concerning the production costs management, i.e. cost comparison, identification of cost drivers, target monitoring.

Particular services

•  rapid determination of cost minimizing potentials
•  transfer of the product resp. process model into a integrated data model
•  consideration of the dependencies between product and process structure
•  flexible adaption to structural changes
•  transparency ranging from total costs to the parts level, including suppliers and service providers 

Applicability in the following areas

•  product development
•  reducing costs of existing products
•  planning of the production process
•  efficiency improvement of associating areas


TDL – Optimization of procurement, storage and staging of parts

TDL is a procedure for both, building groups of parts and for the optimal assignment of a suitable procurement, storage and staging strategies to each part. The assignment is orientated by different characteristics, such as annual consumption, value of parts, storage costs, size, weight and replacement time. An IT-Tool has been developed for the assignment procedure which is marked by the following properties:

Paticular services

•  objective decision assistence for the material expeditor
•  illustration of the firm-specific logistic strategies 
•  flexible adaption to changes in the part line
•  easy integrity in existing IT-Systems 
•  permanente control of suitable logistic strategies

Applicability in the following areas

•  procurement logistics
•  staging logistics
•  spare parts logistics

IPPL-  Integrated product and production logistics

The development of high complex products for today's global market is a big challenge. The affected companies, i.e. aircraft, automobile and ship manufacturers, need to fulfill several criterias in order to continuously offer attractive and competitive products. The integrated prudct and production logistics (IPPL) offers methods and IT-tools that are capable of revealing potentials of improvement and simultaneously derive corrective actions.

Particular services

•  integrated product and process model
•  transfer of the firm-specific production model into a database
•  flexible adaption to structural changes
•  easy integrity in existing IT-Systems
•  modular structure

Applicability in the following areas

•  produktion logistics
•  construction


DIS - an IT-Tool for the component-orientated choice of maintenance strategies

Varied requirements concerning availability and reliability of plants and an increasing cost pressure call for more differentiation of maintenance strategies. Due to a component-orientated choice of strategies, it is possible to focus on the significant areas, i.e. the reliability of the whole system.

Particular services

•  objective and systematized decision process of the strategy choice
•  the choice of a strategy happens knowledge-based, dependant on the given knowledge about plants and processes 
•  hierarchic constructed evaluation system
•  easy integrity in existing IT-Systems 
•  simple tool construction and rapid practicability

Applicability in the following areas

•  Maintenance


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