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Distribution logistics

Outbound logistics are, similar to other corporate divisions, subjected to constant changes. The decision maker has to permanently control and adjust order processing, storage and transport in order to guarantee an optimal configuration of the distribution. Seasonal variations, high stocks and delivery times are only a few problems to deal with. Especially customer focus and the efficient usage of transport and storage capacities need to be ensured. We support you with that!

Transport planning and controlling

The purpose of transport planning is to find the most appropriate means of transport in terms of transport goods, route of transportation and mass or piece transportation. Thus, an optimal workload for maximum performance can be achieved. We assist you in displaying your current situation including the varying marginal conditions. In this process possible solutions can be easily generated and compared afterwards. Moreover, different versions of the distributions structure are going to be simulated. On top of that, we carry out an efficiency analysis and a feasibility study. (picture left: © Paul-Georg Meister / PIXELIO)

Distribution structure planning

This means cost reduction and efficiency gain as well as an increase in transparence and flexibility in the distribution system. It includes the optimization of sites, the minimization of stocks and lead times and the maximization of workloads and adherence of target dates. All this serves the purpose of a sustainable efficiency increase. We support you in analyzing and optimizing your distribution system with the aid of the "Integrierten Transportplanungs- und -steuerungssystems INTRAS". The existing system is going to be modified and analyzed with a special regard to weaknesses. Then alternative szenarios are going to be developed including efficiency analysis and feasibility studies. It is as well possible to analyze the entire system or a derivative with respect to different distribution sectors as well as to customer or product groups.


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