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In the field of Engineering we focused on the combination of scientific research results with practical experiences in product development and construction.

Logistic-orientated product developement

A majority of logistic costs is caused by non-logistic departments, such as product development. The employees in those departments are often not oblivious to the impact of their decisions on the logistics. A cross functional integration of logistical aspects into the process of product development enables enormous potential savings. The GfU mbH offers you a well-engineered solution to support the logistic orientated product development. A part of this solution for example is an analysis and an illustration of all the decisions, concerning logistcal key figures, that have been made during the product development process. The results can be used as a controlling instrument.

Cost-orientated product development

Development and construction departments are permanently asked to simultaneously increas quality and reduce costs. This is especially difficult with complex products. In this case Target Costing can help to solve the problem. With this method product-related attributes are brought into line with market requirements, so that they affect the cost structure already in an early phase of the product development.

With the aid of the IT-tool TARCOS  it is possible for the GfU mbH to visualize dependences between products, processes and attributes. Furthermore correlations between products and processes over the entire value chain are considered. We help you to realize a homogeneous basis for the conformability of development, production, distribution and controlling.

Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering is a disciplin, that deals with a requirement-based product development. It focuses on the assured implementation of all required attributes (functions, security, maintenance possibilities, etc.). Thereby, both productivity and the product development process should be optimized and the costs for modification in a future phase should be reduced. It is especially important to identify existing failures as early as possible. First off, the GfU mbH supports you in the whole process of Requirements Engineering and secondly in the application of the telelogic tool DOORS.

For the"Verbundprojekt Requirements Engineering" we are small- and mid-scale enterprises of the aircraft supplier industry, that are curious to analyze the pros and cons of Requirements Engineering in cooperation with other industries of this branch.


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